Russian missiles and artillery don’t choose where to strike. They are indifferent if this is a kindergarten, hospital or artist’s studio.
We explained how Ukrainian art-market survives and continues to work during the war times.
How is delivery working during the war?
All artworks placed on Cittart can be delivered. Most international shipping are not available in Ukraine now. We will create an individual delivery plan for each particular artwork and will give you a few options to choose from. Delivery across Ukraine to the nearest international point of delivery service is at our expense. We will make the delivery in any case - on time, with a delay or after the war.
What if the artwork will be destroyed?
Acquired artwork could be lost or destroyed. If it happens, we offer you to choose another artist's artwork. We will assist you in negotiating about restoring of an artwork, or exchanging or will find together other options. In case of inability to deliver / restoring the artwork, we refund 50% of the amount paid.
In case if the artwork can't be delivered you can chose to refund whole amount or 50% of it. As 35% from each sale is a donation for support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and 15% - support of the platform and our small team.
How to buy an artwork through Cittart?
Download the Cittart application from AppStore or Google Play. Sing in. Browse through available artworks and choose the one that will fill your heart.
What art is available on Cittart?
All artists on Cittart upload artworks for sale by themselves. You will buy directly from artist. We don't have any constrains of budget or artwork's size. You can chose among photos, paintings, graphics sculpture and all other mediums that has material representation (we don't have NFT or other digital files for sale now). All artists on Cittart live in Ukraine. Most of them stay here during the war.
How many percent do you donate to the Armed Forces of Ukraine?
We donate 35% from each sale to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, because thanks to them we are able to continue live and work.
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