інтерв’ю: війна і арт
Petro Gronsky
For me, time stopped on February 24th.

How did the war on February 24 start for you? What was your morning like?

The morning of February 24th was probably the same for me as it was for most Kyivites… Around 5 am Nina and I were awakened by a call from her sister. She asked if we had heard explosions, and in half an hour we watched the neighbors nervously loading their suitcases into their cars.

What do you do during the war? Do you work or volunteer?

In the beginning, I  was doing everything I could to be useful: starting from transporting various people and stuff, up to building barricades, unloading humanitarian aid at the station with other artists, etcetera.

For about two weeks now, my colleagues and I have been evacuating a large private collection of Ukrainian art from Kyiv. At the same time, we continue to collect the necessary items and equipment for the territorial defense of Irpin and our friends, artists and architects, who are currently fighting in the National Guard.

Did you have to leave your home?

Fortunately, I did not have to leave my home.

How has your art changed since the beginning of the war?

For me, time stopped on February 24th. On February 28th, a fragment of the “Russian world” flew into the squat, where we have been working for many years, broke the ceiling in the studio of Serhii Zapadnia, just a meter away from where he was sleeping at the time. Fortunately, Serhii, as we say, was born “in a bulletproof vest.” Then there were firefighters, roof repairs… The studio where I work with two colleagues, just one floor under. Yesterday, for the first time in a month, we managed to find several hours to come over and clean the workshop.

How did the war change you?

It is too early for me to sum up [how the war has changed me].

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For me, time stopped on February 24th.
Petro Gronsky
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I feel as if my arms are broken, and with each murdered child, I feel it more.
Nina Savenko
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I didn’t want this, none of the Ukrainians did, but this is a chance for all of us to build something new, within ourselves.
Oleksandr Grekhov
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I believe that everything will be fine and even better than it was.
Alisa Gots
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